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cottonseed oil cake solvent extraction plant

Date:2014-11-26 15:05:00 Form:First Grain And Oil Machinery 赁

Introduction The crude oil refining complete line is mainly consist of deacidification& degumming process, decolorization process, deodorization process and purify filtering process. The plant is used for crude palm oil, crude rapeseed oil, crude coconut oil, crude corn/maize oil,and all other crude edible oil. Mostly, we will introduce the machine capacity as per your customized.


Why choose us?

Compared with other company machines, our refining machine has the following features:

1.Large production capability, continuous operation

2.Simple structure, convenient operation

3.Lower malfunction, lower maintenance cost

4. Wide scope of application. It can be used for all crude vegetable oil materials, especially which can feedback much more benefit to investors.

5. Great operating flexibility.


The production allows a larger fluctuation range in the output of products, but not influence the quality of product.

Technology Process

Raw material degerming––screening–magnetic separation-softening–rolling embryos–frying–pressing–filtering–refining–edible oil

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