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Enterprise Tenet: Honesty First, Quality Foremost
Operation Belief:  Establishment of FIRST brand and satisfaction of users are our persistent pursuit.
Service Tenet: Responsible for every procedure; responsible for every machine; responsible for every customer.

Service Theory:

FIRST wins many honors for the exquisite techniques and advanced technology; the company regards qualify as life and customers as God. Customers' satisfaction is our persistent goal. We will always serve customers by the service tenet of being responsible for every procedure, every machine and every customer. We firmly believe that we can get sincere repayment with our sincere dedication.
Service Promise:
Before sales service:
Provide the program design and technological flow design; choose the right equipment that is most suitable for you; design and manufacture products according to your demands; provide training for operational technicians for you.
Sales service:
Finish the equipment inspection with you; assist you in drawing out the construction scheme and detailed flow.
After sales service:
Send technicians to installation site for the guidance, equipment adjustment and training.
Personnel of FIRST have established favorable service theory: repair in time for broken-down equipment; provide program design and technological flow design to customers before sale; provide high quality products and provide operation training and tentatively help customers to solve complicated processing problems. 
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Factory Address: West of Mid-section of Qiliu Avenue,Qi Country,Henan,China.