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Sunflower oil extraction process machine

Date:2014-11-26 14:43:23 Form:First Grain And Oil Machinery 赁

Sunflower oil extraction process machine    

Futures of sunflower oil extraction process machine

1.Cold and hot press Small cold oil press machine

2. Edible oil with good color and high quality

3. Easy operation and maintainance 

The main advantage of  sunflower oil extraction process machine   


1. With vacuum filter  simply filter the crude oil   

2. It is able to save labour, about 60% . One or two person is for per machine  

3. Protection the environment,comparing with the traditional oil press machine, it is about to meet the standard of green environment .  


4. Low investment, get more profit.  Index of solvent extraction process

(1)Pump crude oil into refining tank and heat with conduction oil, and the temperature  will reach about 70°C-80°C after one hour. Add acid or alkali to separate according to the acid value. After one hour's processing and 4-6 hours deposit, then convey soap stock to storage tank.

(2) Pump refined oil into decoloring tank. When it is up to 90-110 °c after one hour's heating, add clay into tank for 20 mins' processing.Then clay and oil are separate by filter.

(3)Put discolored oil into deodorization tank with vacuum pump. Heat and process with steam for odor removal.  After filtering, you will get final oil product.

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