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Rice Bran Oil Making Plant 

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Rice bran oil making process

The whole cooking oil manufacturing project usually contains three workshops construction: oil seeds pretreatment workshop, edible oil extraction workshop and edible oil refining workshop. 

Rice bran production pretreatment

The pretreatment process , the rice bran need to be have a magnetic separation ,removing the small iron . Then we need to clean the rice bran ,wipe off the middle or samll light impurities Then exrusion puffing , make the oil come out easily .After that ,we need to make the rice bran dry ,whicn control the moisture between 9-9.5 % . Then we send the rice bran to extractor for leaching . The process is like Rice bran→Magnetic separation→Cleaning →Extrusion Puffing →Counter-current drying→To leaching plant 40T/D Rice bran Oil physical Refining


Oil solvent extraction of rice bran oil making     

When we get the  rice bran  seed cake from pretreatment ,we need to put the cake to the extractor .Then the solvent oil dissolve in the oil . We get the mixed oil  . We heat the mixed oil by vapor . And the solvent changes gas . Then we get the oil from the cake .  

The process is like  oil extracted - wet meal desolvation - mixed oil vaporation - stripping by steam - solvent recovery  


 Refinery of rice bran oil making process    

We want to get the one grade rice bran  oil or two grade rice bran  oil .And we must refined the crude oil ,by degumming ,decolorization , deodorization , deacidifiztion ,dewaxing . We wipe off the phospholipid , free fatty acid , color ,and smell ,wax . Then the  oil can be used .

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