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Coconut oil refining machine

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Coconut oil making machine oil processing machine  

Refining coconut oil machine cooking oil making machinery  

Our company can undertake 10-1000T/D coconut oil project, including engineering design,equipment manufacturing technical services, product research and development etc.

There are 8 workshops and hundreds of projects in our company. We offer oil machines with excellent quality,advanced technology and best after-sale service, including installation, commissioning,training workers to operate machines. If you have any questions, pls contact with us by phone or email.  

We will solve it for you asap.  

1.Introduction of coconut oil expeller machine:

The coconut oil expeller machine  is composed of electric appliance control, hot pressing, adjustment, driving and vacuum oil filter.  

The squeezing bolt is made of alloy steel treated by carburization to improve it’s hardness wear resistance, squeezing bolt are grinded by surface grinder to ensure the accuracy of oil thread and improve oil yielding rate, the standard components for power distribution,  vacuum and heating are domestic famous brands to optimize machine configuration, the surface of machine are treated by stainless steel and chromium plating technology in according with the standard hygiene.

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