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sunflower edible oil refinery plant

Date:2014-11-26 14:26:59 Form:First Grain And Oil Machinery 赁


Introduction of  FIRST oil refinery machine  

FIRST  oil refinery learns the traditional refining with refining  with deep understanding of the different kinds of process of de-mixed, degumming ,dehydration,deacidification,decolorization,dewaxing and deodorization



sunflower oil refining process workshop craft:

The crude vegetable oil from above mentioned two ways of extracting, oil pressing and/or solvent extraction, will be pumped into oil refinery units to produce cooking oil at various grades. The main equipment of oil refinery is various kinds of vessels and tanks carrying on different tasks with additives. These tasks may include sedimentation/filtering, neutralization (removing free fatty acid), degumming, decolorization (bleaching), deodorization, especially the dewax process is necessary, more wax would destroy the quality of sunflower oil. Different combination of steps and the treating degree of each step result in different grade cooking oil and salad oil.

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