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Hot selling palm oil extraction plant in malaysia

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I.Craft features of palm oil processing machine :

1,creat a good production environment;
2,Minimize the total oil loss,increase oil yield and output,also improve the quality 
of oil and cake meal;
3,Comprehensively utilize impurities and offal;
4,Perfectly ,match extraction production line,designing different production 
processes according to different oilseed.
II.Oil extraction equipment of palm oil processing machine:
 Requirements for extraction material,steam,water,electricity etc:
1,moisture of extraction material :5-8%;
2,Temperature of extraction material: 50-55°C;
3,oil content of extraction material: 14-18%;
4,thickness of extraction cake: ≤ 13mm;
5,Powder degree of extraction material: ≤ 15% (30 meshes);
6,steam:: ≥ 0.6Mpa;
7.solvent: national standard No.6 solvent oil;
8. Power electricity: 50HZ 3*380V ;lighting electricity:50HZ 220V ;
9.Temperature of supplement water: ≤ 25 °C hardness: ≤ 10;
10.Volume of supplement water: 1-2 m3 / t raw material;
11.Temperature of recycle water: ≤ 32 °C.
III.Palm oil processing machine equipments:
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