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Corn oil refining filter press technology

Date:2016-03-21 16:36:17 Form:First Grain And Oil Machinery 赁

 Like other vegetable oils, crude oil in order to be eaten too thin refining treatment.

1, process
Crude oil → precipitation → filter → hydration → deodorization → alkali refining decolorization → → → refined oil dewaxing
2, the process operation
(A) precipitation:
The Maoyou Jing set a certain time, so that a large proportion of the material and water and other impurities sink to the bottom of the oil; in addition, can separate a small amount of suspended impurities and small amounts of phospholipids, protein and starch paste material. Precipitation can be carried out in drums, tanks or oil pool. Settling time takes more than seven days.
(2) Filter:
Pressure pump through the oil through the filter cloth to remove impurities and part of the wax.
(3) Hydration:
By adding water heating, separate oil phospholipids, proteins and mucus and other impurities, high temperature and low temperature hydration Hydration law. High temperature hydration method is to use indirect steam heat the oil to about 80 ℃, while stirring, together with boiling water, the oil temperature reaches about 98 ℃, stirring was stopped, standing precipitation, edible vegetable oil was poured into another pot, then heated to about 105 ℃, the water is removed after cooling was refined oils. The boiling water may be added directly to the heated water may be at a concentration of 5% salt water.
Low hydration method, in each 50 kilograms gross Shan added 2 kg of water, while stirring impeach while adding water, stirring was continued for 20 minutes after adding water, and then precipitated for 24 hours to gnaw phospholipid impurities precipitated.
(4) sweetening:
Vacuum steam deodorization method. Gas insufflation, hydrogenation, and polymerization, among the best, the most commonly used method is vacuum steam deodorization. Vacuum steam deodorization, namely steam distillation deodorization. When the water vapor through the malodorous components containing oil, gas, liquid contact with the water vapor is out of the volatile aldehydes, ketones, free fatty acids and other low-boiling components odor saturated, according to the ratio of the partial pressure of escaping , thereby removing odor oil contained; major equipment sweetening the pot, condenser and vacuum pump.
(5) base refining:
Also known as deacidification. Namely with lye and oil: free fatty acids, play deacidification, bleaching, removal of impurities effect. Alkali refining process is heating oil on the pot over low heat, remove air bubbles, into the pre-transfer gate good lye, stir, produce saponification, soap tablets until after the free state, while heating with stirring, the oil temperature rise in a short time to 50 to 60 ℃, stirring and heating was stopped, allowed to stand for 24 hours, remove the upper layer of edible vegetable oil, and then heated to 100-105 deg.] C, to remove residual moisture.
(6) Decolorization:
As needed, depending on when the user request to remove the pigment, can bleaching treatment. Decolorization using bleach, acid clay, diatomaceous earth or activated carbon whispered attached. Decolorization program is a corn oil into the bleaching tank, the pool is heated with stirring added adsorbent. Be deemed appropriate color, with a filter press, that was decolorized corn oil.
(7) Dewaxing:
With a filter to get rid of fat in the monohydric alcohol and a higher fatty acid hook combination. Since the wax content of corn germ oil bottom, hydration before removing the filter part of wax, so there is no impact on consumption and therefore not many domestic corn oil dewaxing treatment.

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