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Screw press once again usher in the sale

Date:2016-02-15 14:44:25 Form:First Grain And Oil Machinery 赁

 First type screw press is suitable for various oil crops, is the investment squeeze you Fang open the door to do business preferred. Compared with the traditional press press equipment, first model has a very big advantage.

1 new type screw press multi-stage directional pressure, a squeeze net, the oil rate is greatly improved.
2 new type screw press strengthening feed system, increase the advancing speed, improve work efficiency.
3 new electronic screw press control, scientific heating, automatic control press temperature.
4. New type screw press with air negative pressure principle, the vacuum diversion technology, built-in vacuum shunt, residual oil, effective separation.
Nearly a year, first press equipment manufacturers in order to repay the old and new customers, all types and amount of processing machine have substantial concessions, welcome customers to visit the plant order.

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