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Oil refining technology introduction

Date:2015-05-16 10:30:18 Form:First Grain And Oil Machinery 赁

Oil refining technology introduction

What about oil refining technology is need we pay special attention to the problems in the process of operation, and oil refining what meaning?The components of oil have?

Can enhance oil storage stability, can. Improve oil flavor, can also improve oil color, provide raw materials for oil deep processing products

Hair oil components: hair oil in most of the mixture of the mixed acid glycerides, namely oil, contains only very small amounts of impurities.Although these impurities quantity is small, but in influence on oil quality and stability "played".

Sediment, suspended impurities: embryo slag powder, cake

Glue soluble impurities, phospholipids, protein, sugar, and their lower decomposition

Fat-soluble impurities: free fatty acid (FFA), sterol, tocopherol, pigment, fatty alcohols, wax other impurities: toxin, pesticide

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