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Production technology of oil refining equipment

Date:2015-05-12 10:25:52 Form:First Grain And Oil Machinery 赁

Production technology of oil refining equipment

Oil refining equipment in actual production, according to press the finished soybean oil, soybean oil leaching finished product quality grade is different, it needs to process is different, the different combination of the above process.Such as three level 4 pressing or leaching soybean oil finished products only after soybean oil pretreatment, degumming, deacidifying process, etc.And secondary product soybean oil is required after soybean oil pretreatment, acid hydration degumming, alkali refining, bleaching and deodorization.Oil production process selection and by-product oil varieties, product quality, quality, production scale, technical conditions, dong, environmental protection and other related elements' although the industrial application of grease just several kinds of preparing and refining process, however, the process of production of each process and process conditions is protean.Therefore, it is necessary to understand and master the commonness and characteristics of all kinds of oil processing technology, choose the appropriate process, improve the effect of oil production.

Depending on the nature of the impurity content in the fuel oil refining equipment adopt some corresponding process method to remove.The process summarized as follows:

(1) oil pretreatment use the physical methods such as sedimentation, filtration, centrifugation to remove insoluble impurities in the oil.

(2) the degumming by hydration degumming method, acid refining method or drunk method.

(3) to take off the adopted child liquid acid neutralization, removing the free fatty acids in oils and fats, sulfide, oil insoluble impurities, etc.

(4) water washing and to remain in the alkali refining soapstock los impurity with water.

(5) drying by heating, vacuum leaching method of removing the moisture in oil after refining.

(6) decoloring with activated clay, activated carbon adsorption, such as removing the pigment, pectin, oxide in oils and fats.

(7) to take off the on the principle of vacuum stripping, removing the small molecule the flavor substances in oil and thermal decomposition of pigment products, etc.

(8) helps the dewaxing using frozen, removing the wax fat in fat crystallization method.

(9) filter adopting suitable refining equipment, remove the solid impurities in the oil, to ensure the definition of the refined oil products.


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