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What are the characteristics of rapeseed oil press?

Date:2015-05-09 10:23:08 Form:First Grain And Oil Machinery 赁

What are the characteristics of rapeseed oil press?

 our production of rapeseed oil press to extract the oil temperature is lower, and a low acid value, generally don't need to be refined, after precipitation and filter to get refined petroleum products.Good quality, strong supply and marketing, spiral, quality service guaranteed oil press got the favour of many investors, better promote the entire oil industry by leaps and bounds.Increasing as the production of oil crops, rapeseed oil press industry has a more broad market prospect.

Oil with pure natural characteristics, to avoid the adverse effects caused by traditional high temperature cooking oil processing.Oil press press chamber adopts multilevel propulsion, gradual compression principle of new process, increase crushing series, from the original level 3 and level 4 press, generation to upgrade to category five, six, seven, eight grade squeezing, improve the yield efficiency 3% - 5%, capacity efficiency, economic efficiency.Electrostatic spraying automatic rapeseed oil mill table using the latest materials and become, strong adhesion, resistance to grease, high temperature resistant.Both beautiful and easy, and easy to clean, to ensure the health.


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